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Who wants to kick back on the beach of the Colorado river in a camp chair and marvel upwards at the colorful walls of the Grand Canyon all the while feasting on a still-warm piece of Dutch oven chocolate cake?

One of the things we do is make sure that you’re well fed. It would be crazy to publish a menu list for a river trip, but we can give you an idea of what to expect. Michelle, Hatch food pack manager and Marnie, her assistant, take great care in packing food boxes and coolers for each specific trip size, length and special dietary needs. The day before the trip launches, this is what happens; the whitewater rafts are loaded with dry provisions, condiments, seasonal fruits and vegetables, frozen meats (we have huge coolers and blocks of ice!), cheeses and other goodies. Into that mix, throw guide-chef imagination, length of the trip, and moon phase and you get your very own cornucopia of river meals.

Here’s a partial list of what has appeared in the past (with no promises for the future) for dinner: rib eye steak, green salad (there are lots of these), baked or mashed potatoes, brownies, BBQ chicken breast, fresh broccoli and cauliflower, pesto penne with pine nuts, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, salmon fillet, spinach salad, asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, broccoli almond rice, cheesecake, marinated pork carnitas with fresh grilled red peppers, pork chops, coleslaw, ranch beans, spaghetti with meat balls, Caesar salad, pound cake with strawberries.

Lunch is always riverside and set up buffet style. There is often a sandwich theme and always plenty of fixin’s. Choices may be from the following: deli meats (roast beef, turkey, ham, pastrami), sliced cheeses (Swiss, cheddar, provolone, Havarti, Monterrey Jack, Muenster), peanut butter and assorted jellies, tuna and chicken salads, an assortment of condiments, an assortment of breads, tortillas, chips, pickles, granola bars, nuts, olives, cookies.

For breakfast, you’ll always wake up to cowboy coffee, juice and an assortment of bagged teas. Other choices may be: pancakes, sausage links or patties, hash browns, English muffins, ham steaks, french toast, bacon, eggs to order, assorted cold cereals and milk, bagels and cream cheese, biscuits and gravy, Granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Rest assured, after a long day of white water rafting on the Colorado River and hiking up side canyons, you’ll relax to an amazing evening meal. And we’ll fuel you up again in the morning and keep you running all day with great food.

Michelle has been with Hatch for 5 years and loves what she does. During the winter she manages winter work production and gets to take some much needed time off. She loves boating, camping, hiking and travel. Michelle lives in the Badger Creek area of Marble Canyon with her partner and their beloved dog.

Marnie has lived in Marble Canyon for 20+ years. A lover of good food, and excellent chef, she created the wonderful menu many tasted in years past at The Cliff restaurant at Cliff Dwellers Lodge. She has been with Hatch for nearly 3 years and added wonderful new ideas to the menu.

She lives in the Badger Creek area of Marble Canyon close to her family with her partner and a plethora of delightful cats.

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