The Grand Canyon is among the most stunningly beautiful places in the world. As you pass between its towering walls, you will surely find more than a few things worth photographing. The plant life, the wildlife, the landscapes, the shenanigans—you’ll take your memories of all of them home with you, but some of you will go even further, capturing them in photos as well.

At Hatch, we want those photos!

We simply can’t get enough of the multiple and varied perspectives our guests’ hundreds of eyes bring to the Canyon every single year. In fact, we value them so much, WE’RE GIVING AWAY A FREE RIVER TRIP to the person who sends in the best one!

Hatch River Expeditions Photo Contest

The Rules:

  • Submit your photos for consideration by:
    1. Posting to your Facebook wall publicly with #HatchRiverPhotoContext and #YourCategory
    2. Posting to Instagram with #HatchRiverPhotoContext and #YourCategory, OR
    3. Emailing [email protected] Subject: “Hatch River Photo Contest” and telling us your category.
  • Submit your photos by October 31st
  • Hatch River Expeditions will choose the top entries
  • Winners will be voted upon on Facebook/Instagram
  • The #1 photo in each category will win a bundle of Hatch gear
  • The #1 photo overall will win a FREE HATCH RIVER TRIP of their choice in 2017 (subject to available 2017 dates)
  • Hatch River Expeditions reserves the right to use any and all submission as we see fit. This includes social media & marketing materials. By submitting a photo, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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