A while ago, we told you about how Hatch River Expeditions changes when our river season ends in September. Most of our guides leave Marble Canyon for other professional opportunities. But, every year a few of them stick around to do what we call "Winter Work."

Wondering what exactly that looks like? We thought we’d give you an idea.

Among the cleaning and maintenance tasks Hatch winter workers undertake is the stripping and repainting of our boats so they look fresh and clean for the new season. (This is after all of the repairs to the rubber and any other maintenance has been completed.)

Boats are painted in the trademark Hatch colors—black, white (in this case light grey), and orange. "Hatch" is painted in bold letters on the front and sides, and each boat is given a number. The numbers help us tell the boats apart so that if one needs maintenance or a repair, we are sure to fix the right one. Each boat also comes with its own set of gear—storage boxes, cookware, etc. Our trip leaders typically use the same numbered boat on every trip throughout the year, and get used to the way it operates.

Ready for the before and after?

As you can see, they look a little rough once we get them all stripped down. But then…


Hatch River Expeditions Boat

Ready for the River

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