Scary Larry

Scary Larry paints the hatch logo on a pontoon.

All play and no work would make Hatch a messy operation, for sure. So, when the Colorado River rafting season ends, we head back to the warehouse and tear things apart. The whitewater river rafts are totally dismantled and the pontoons are sanded, patched, painted and rolled for winter storage.

Trucks, semis, vans and everything else that makes things run smoothly during the summer are detailed. After all the work is done, the warehouse is a mess so the whole thing gets a dusting and mopping. The huge recycling cage gets driven to Flagstaff and returns full of firewood for the stove that heats the warehouse.

The skeleton winter crew finishes up before the holidays and then they’re off to do whatever it is that boatmen do in the winter to return revived and ready for another Grand Canyon whitewater rafting season in the spring.

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