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June is a busy month for Hatch, and that was reflected in the sheer number of reviews we received. We almost always receive positive comments about

the friendliness and knowledgeability of our guides
JP, Lars, and Leonard were amazing. They made the trip absolutely incredible. They were a credit to your company and to their profession. As a business owner myself in the transportation industry, I can only hope my staff is half as good as your team is. I will absolutely be back and will refer Hatch to ot Read More

Rafting the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River is the kind of trip you will never forget. A river rafting trip is also active vacation in a wilderness environment. Being prepared for adventure will help you have the best possible trip!

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If you’re thinking of calling the Hatch River Expeditions office, don’t be surprised when you hear a new voice on the phone.

This year Hatch found itself in need of a bit more help around the office, and after undergoing a long and tedious hiring process, the Hatch office is pleased to welcome a new staff member.

Meet the new "Hatch-ling," Jessica Clark.

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Grand Canyon River Trips

The dining experience on a Grand Canyon river trip is a major highlight Read More

After visiting with old friends of the Hatch family this afternoon, recalling stories of past wilderness river adventures hold a new and invigorated interest. These pioneers in the field hold valuable information about a place changed by innovation. Appreciation that these stories were written down grows with every passing day. The Flashback Friday this week continues with the interview between Elizabeth Sowards and Ted Hatch from 1984.

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