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To finish the summary of topics presented at GTS, let’s look at the afternoon. Much about the history of Grand Canyon raft trips took place in the afternoon at GTS.

A late morning session on protecting the Grand Canyon was by the Grand Canyon Trust and the Native Voices Program. The proposed Grand Canyon Escalade Project on the Navajo reservation made national headline last year. At the west side of the South Rim, they will build hotel, shops, restaurant, and gondola tramway that will go from the Navajo land plateau for a ten minute ri Read More

Colorado river rafting

GTS in full swing!

As was mentioned in a previous blog, Grand Canyon River Guides puts on a yearly Guide Training Seminar (GTS) before the Colorado River raftin Read More

Hatch Expeditions

As Arizona enters into the dryer de Read More

The Guides Training Seminar occurs annually every spring. Grand Canyon rafting tours guides come together at the Hatch warehouse which is located in Marble Canyon, Arizona to prepare for the upcoming year. Grand Canyon River Guides puts the event together and offers a land session followed by a river trip.

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