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September 29th, 2021Guide Spotlight: Dan W.

Welcome back to our “Guide Spotlight” series, where we help you get to know the best guides in the Grand Canyon just a little better. Today we’re featuring Dan W., an oar guide who has been working with Hatch since 2017.

Years working in the outdoor industry: I have been rafting for 14 years, ski patrolling for 12, and enjoying the great outdoors for 36!

Trips in Grand Canyon: 28

Trips for Hatch: 14

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A backcountry rafting trip is not going to be suited to every type of guest. This means that we do get a few recurring complaints. Fortunately, these are most often minor concerns from otherwise outstanding trip experiences. Still, for guests considering a trip with Hatch we think knowing what those complaints are and why they persist can be helpful in determining whether this style of vacation is a good fit for them.

“There were no napkins or plates at lunch time.”

Lunches at Ha Read More

August 5th, 2021Guide Spotlight: Jamie T

Welcome back to our “Guide Spotlight” series, where we help you get to know the best guides in the Grand Canyon just a little better. Today’s spotlight will be on Jamie T., a seasoned Grand Canyon rafter and Hatch guide.

Years working in the outdoor industry: 19 - I started working in Grand Canyon in 2002.

Trips in Grand Canyon: I have rafted though over 150 times.

Trips for Hatch: 30

What got you into the outdoors?
I have spent a lot of ti Read More

Lots of Hatch guests wonder how they’ll be able to keep their families (and themselves) entertained on their river trips with no access to the usual fallback options they have at home like TV, video games, and the internet. While the Colorado River and Grand Canyon are immeasurably beautiful, we can understand why you might want a few things to do while you marvel at the glory all around you. But here’s the challenge: finding things to bring that will fit your bag and won’t push you over your 25lb weight limit!

Here are some of o Read More

In May, our season really ramps up, so we’ve all been running our tails off getting everything arranged for your trips. These great reviews are a breath of fresh air during such a busy time and remind us exactly why we do what we do!

“Rafting with Hatch was truly the trip of a lifetime. I’ve been home for 3 days, and I’m already planning a future trip. I was a bit nervous beforehand to do this with my kids (ages 9, 11, and 13), but they did great and I had the ultimate confidence in our guides.” - Mark M. < Read More

Guests who are just starting their vacation planning quickly find that with Hatch they have two main trip types to choose between: Motorized Expeditions and Oar Powered Expeditions. One of our most commonly answered questions is What are the main differences between these two?

For those of you in the early planning stages, you’ll need to choose whether you’d prefer to book a motorized trip or an oar powered trip before you can choose a date or make any other arrangements.

Motorized Trips
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The thought of a potential close encounter with a snake, scorpion, or other creature generally deemed sort of “creepy” on the river can be an uncomfortable one, especially for folks not accustomed to the desert ecosystems in which our trips take place. Common images of the American Southwest are of these types of creatures aggressively going after people and animals, but the reality is much different. If you’re a little wary, we think the best way to quell your fears (or possibly rule out this particular trip from your list of vacations) is Read More

In today’s “Guide Spotlight,” you’ll learn about Kelsey P., who after a few years of rowing oar powered boats and swamping motorized trips for Hatch has just started working as a motor boatman.

Trips in Grand Canyon: 19

Trips for Hatch: 19

How long have you been working in the outdoor industry? What got you into the outdoors?
I have had a deep appreciation for the outdoors my whole life. I started my white water career on my 18th b Read More

In today’s “Guide Spotlight” you’ll learn about one of Hatch’s newer guides, Carlos A.

Years working in the outdoor industry: 6 years

Trips in Grand Canyon: Just shy of ten times.

Trips for Hatch: Same

What got you into the outdoors?
Part of my family is from Northern Spain, where as kids we'd play hide and seek among the fishing boats, and I'd come home and draw up plans for the boat I'd build one day. Still no boat. Too much maintenance. Read More

One of the more common questions we get from guests preparing for their upcoming Grand Canyon river trips is some variation of, “What should I wear on my feet?” You’ll need to be prepared for walking on sandy beaches, wet rubber boat surfaces, and rocky trails, AND you’ll want to be comfortable and warm, so we understand why choosing the right footwear can be daunting.

Here is what we recommend for most of our guests:

A Comfortable Pair of Hiking Sandals

What we mean by this is a pair of sandal Read More