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If you’re on an Upper Canyon or Lower Canyon trip with Hatch, you are well aware that the Bright Angel Trail hike into or out of the Grand Canyon is long, strenuous, and MANDATORY.

For this reason, many guests who book this style of trip with Hatch choose to lighten their loads by using our UPS duffel service. It works like this:

If you’re on an UPPER CANYON trip, you’ll pack your gear as recommended and bring it all to Marble Canyon with you. You’ll also make sure to label it clearly (using something like a Read More

It might seem a little counter intuitive to book your couples getaway on a trip that will put you in close proximity to a bunch of strangers for a week, but hear us out! Hatch trips are actually great for couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or just the love that they have for each other.

Here are the top 4 reasons we think a Hatch trip is the perfect vacation for you and your partner:

1) There’s no access to the outside world.

In our normal lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the distra Read More

River season is coming, and we’re psyched that we’ll get to see all of your smiling faces soon. Some of you with early trips may be excited at the thought of seeing all those wildflowers in bloom, but grimacing at the possibility of traveling in colder temperatures. If this is you, we have some packing recommendations to help you keep warm even if the weather on your Grand Canyon trip isn’t.

1) Start with warm base layers

You’ll still probably want a set of moisture wicking underwear or a bathing suit closest Read More

With river trips coming up soon, you’re probably thinking about A LOT. What should I pack? How am I getting to and from my trip? Who is going to walk my dog and water my plants while I’m gone?

But, have you thought about how you’ll record your journey to look back on later? Photos in a Facebook photo album work great for some people, but when you’re looking back in 20 years on that great trip you took, you might not remember the name of that little cove with the waterfall you jumped from, whether Redwall Cavern or the Little Colorado Read More

January 22nd, 2021Guide Spotlight: David K.

Welcome to the first in our “Guide Spotlight” series, where we help you get to know the best guides in the Grand Canyon just a little better. Today’s spotlight features David K., one of Hatch’s most senior and most requested guides.

Years working in the outdoor industry: 30+

Trips in Grand Canyon: 300+

(Some say that I have kayaked the Grand Canyon more times than anyone dead or alive ever will)

Read More

Imagine this: It’s your second day in the canyon and you are overwhelmed by how monumentally tall the walls around you seem to have gotten in such a short time. In the distance you see what appears to be a small sliver of cave and beach (though when you get close you will realize it is actually the enormous Redwall Cavern—large enough for a comfortable game of Frisbee or Wiffle ball). Over your head, dark clouds have been gathering, and as you approach the cavern, they break open and begin to rain. All around you, waterfalls begin to cascade Read More

“Drink more water.”

You’ve probably heard this advice so much that you’re sick of it! But the reason this phrase makes its way into all the health and self-care checklists right between “get enough sleep” and “exercise regularly” is that water is vital to maintaining an adequately functioning body and mind. Nowhere is this more important than on an active vacation in a remote and arid outdoor setting. Don’t let the Colorado River fool you—you’re still in a desert in the middle of summer. It’s important to hydrate accordingly.

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September 22nd, 2017Hatch Helps Feed the Community

It is one of the unfortunate realities of running trips in the remote depths of the Grand Canyon that we must plan for the worst and hope for the best. This planning comes into play in a number of ways, including when we pack food for our trips. Some of our guests noted in their post-trip reviews this season that we provided more food than their group needed which resulted in food waste. Because we must prepare for emergencies, and because some perishable items (like meat and eggs) are too dangerous to use after traveling 280 miles in cooler Read More

The Southwest is so rich in beauty and history—Grand Canyon is just one amazing part of it. At Hatch, we love where we live and are always excited for an excuse to get outside and experience it. This August brought us one of the best excuses ever: an eclipse visible across the entire United States!

Since we still had work to do getting all of your trips safely on the river, we couldn’t stray too far from our Flagstaff office. We elected to view the eclipse from Wupatki National Mo Read More

A lot of planning goes in to a Grand Canyon river trip. Below find a few questions we get often in the Hatch office.

11. How should I prepare for my upcoming trip?

Please read through ALL pre trip materials. We do our best to inform guests about the trip at the time of booking but the materials we provide go into much more detail. Looking at Read More