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"My husband and I wanted to take a few moments of your time to personally thank you for helping us to check off one of our “bucket list” experiences as one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, life changing experiences we have ever had.

From the moment we met you personally at Cliff Dwellers … to the time we were dropped off back at Marble Canyon on… our experience was nothing but wonderful!

Our river guides Dave and Spencer were amazing in so many ways. From our safety on the river “drink that water” and “buckle up your life vests”, Read More

A question received very often is what time of year is best to book Grand Canyon raft trips. All families vary in their decisions as to when to book. Some groups think about their summer vacations during their summer vacation the year before. Some charter groups plan years in advance and get on Hatch waitlists to be called when calendars open up. Hatch already has waitlists for some dates in 2017 and beyond! A large portion of guests plan their trips towards the last minute in the winter prior to their vacation.

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Though the rafting and rapids afford guests the opportunity for excitement and adventure, relaxing in the solitude of the Canyon can also be significant. After a grand day of splashing through rapids and hiking through ancient side canyons, pulling into camp can be a welcome treat after a day on a Colorado River rafting trip.

Depending on the layout of the day, rafts will generally pull in to camp between 4 and 5 PM. The first task at hand will be forming a fire line of sorts and unloading all guest gear off of the rafts and onto the b Read More

Hatch River Expeditions has heard more than once that a carabineer might be the most useful piece of equipment on a Grand Canyon raft trips. For those who are not familiar, a carabineer is hook of sorts, with a spring locking "gate" that closes. These handy-dandy little items can often be seen in the mountaineering and rock climbing worlds, but truly have so many other uses as well.

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The Bright Angel Trail provides visitors with an amazing vantage point for experiencing the Canyon. This trail winds and meanders its way down the Bright Angel Fault and along a few creeks to meet the river at the bottom of the incline. This trail, or at least some form of this trail, has been used by humans for hundreds of years. American Indians, ambitious miners as well as adventurous hikers earnest to delve below the Canyon rim explored the unknown via this path.

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Wondering how Hatch guests are enjoying their trips so far this season? See what a few wonderful river rafting guests have had to say about their excursion with Hatch River Expeditions:

"Best experience of my life! My husband and I will have a very hard time topping this trip. Great lifetime memories." ~Mary M. of Arizona, April 12 Hiking Focused Excursion

"Can’t say enough positive things about our guides and boat people. They were very knowledgeable and were always making sure we were well taken care of. They kept Read More

Our lovely white water rafting guide, Joni, has been with Hatch River Expeditions for more than twenty years, which makes her more than qualified to provide some tips and informational tidbits about Grand Canyon white water rafting. So, our team asked Joni a few questions, so that we could share it with our past, present and future adventurers:

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Desserts on Hatch River Expeditions’ Colorado River rafting trips generally go above and beyond what might be expected. Our guides often surprise our guests with Dutch oven treats. We hear from our guests quite often how this form of cooking has inspired them to test out the cooking style on their own outdoor excursions. Below is an easy to replicate river recipe. We thank PapaDutch for sharing this amazing recipe for your next Colorado River rafting trip.

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Arizona river runners

Many guests wonder what time of year will provide the optimal white water rafting experience. Multiple factors come into play and ultimately our guest’s know what is best for their group. A few factors to consider are:

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Adventure goers can now take the memories of grand adventures home, by stocking up on Hatch River Expeditions gear. We have quite a few options when it comes to Hatch apparel from hats to tees. Find out what a conversation starter the Hatch River Expeditions logo can be, when everyone begins to ask about your Grand Canyon Expedition.

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