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Our lovely white water rafting guide, Joni, has been with Hatch River Expeditions for more than twenty years, which makes her more than qualified to provide some tips and informational tidbits about Grand Canyon white water rafting. So, our team asked Joni a few questions, so that we could share it with our past, present and future adventurers:

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Desserts on Hatch River Expeditions’ Colorado River rafting trips generally go above and beyond what might be expected. Our guides often surprise our guests with Dutch oven treats. We hear from our guests quite often how this form of cooking has inspired them to test out the cooking style on their own outdoor excursions. Below is an easy to replicate river recipe. We thank PapaDutch for sharing this amazing recipe for your next Colorado River rafting trip.

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Arizona river runners

Many guests wonder what time of year will provide the optimal white water rafting experience. Multiple factors come into play and ultimately our guest’s know what is best for their group. A few factors to consider are:

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Adventure goers can now take the memories of grand adventures home, by stocking up on Hatch River Expeditions gear. We have quite a few options when it comes to Hatch apparel from hats to tees. Find out what a conversation starter the Hatch River Expeditions logo can be, when everyone begins to ask about your Grand Canyon Expedition.

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The thought of needing rain gear in the desert depths of Grand Canyon often confuses our guests. In fact, rain gear is perhaps the second most important item on a white water packing list – behind sunscreen. This can be a bit counter intuitive considering that the average Grand Canyon summer high temperature ranges from 92-106 degrees. The most important use for the rain gear is actually protection from cold splashes in the epic rapids of the Colorado River.

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Those who have booked a whitewater rafting trip with Hatch River Expeditions, will have seen our incredibly thorough information packets. Included within each information packet is a gear list to assist guests with their packing for their adventure. We create these lists with our historical knowledge of rafting trips, our guides input as well as our guest’s feedback.

Hatch River Expeditions has decided to share our experienced river runner’s ingenious ideas to help with the planning of your next wilderness river adventure!

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The 7 Day Motorized Expedition is by far Hatch River Expeditions most popular of our Grand Canyon river tours. See all the sights and sounds that Grand Canyon has to offer at a convenient pace. Below is a detailed itinerary of the excitement and splendor that might be seen on your rafting tour.

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The cold waters of the Colorado River beckon not just river rafters such as us but also anglers of all sorts. Many an inquisitive fishermen has phoned our office regarding fishing opportunities on their Grand Canyon rafting trips. After all, fishing is an art form that brings the participant immeasurably closer to nature than they could ever imagine. Between the fish, the bugs, the line and the scenery it would be difficult to get any closer to the promise of tranquility than when fishing in Grand Canyon.

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New Year, new gear! This year Hatch River Expeditions has upgraded much of our equipment on Grand Canyon river trips to enhance our guest’s experience. You asked and we responded!

On all of our Motorized Expeditions, sleeping pads will be now replaced by camp cots made by Camp Time. We will also be providing dry bags for use both day and night.

Camp Cots
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With the development of technology in recent years, photography has become far more accessible to more people. Sharing epic moments in life has become the norm for many people either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Photos taken on Grand Canyon rafting trips can be particularly intriguing as not only the landscape but also the prospect of adventure is so evidently amazing. Make sure to stay on top of your social media game by checking out some of these i Read More