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Photo Courtesy of R. Montgomery

“We had a great group of people on the trip! Top that off with amazing scenery, fabulous food, challenging hikes, great weather a Read More

Grand Canyon's Red Wall Cavern

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August 9th, 2013Grand Canyon River Girls

We recently received a comment from one of our guests that struck me. Regina G. from Italy writes, "The guides really make the trip, and the four we had were really exceptional. I also really liked the fact that the trip leader was a woman and that 3 of the 4 guides were women. Go Hatch!" I imagine that when most people think of the river guiding industry they wouldn’t necessarily expect women to have such a strong presence as they do. Many of our guests are pleasantly surprised to find that around 1/3 of our Read More

Type in "nature quotes" on Pinterest. Immediately a plethora of inspiring and motivational quotes about the outdoors pop up. Keep scrolling and you might feel the slightest stirrings to get up from your desk and have your lunch outside, take a walk or even plan a whitewater rafting trip in Grand Canyon. We mention this exercise to show you the psychological effects that nature can have on human beings and how YOU can benefit from the great outdoors.

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The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is one of the premier whitewater destinations in the world. Rafters come from all over to experience the excitement of Grand Canyon’s rapids. Many of our guests often wonder just how big those rapids are.

Though many rivers throughout the world use a class system (I-V), the Colorado River is a bit different. Being the river that carved the Grand Canyon, we should expect no less from the mighty Colorado. Instead of rating Grand Canyon’s rapids on the class system, they are rated 1-10 based on Read More

Group Hiking in a side Canyon

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May 17th, 2013Office Biography

Our next victim of the office biography is Katy. Here at Hatch, we like to put a face to our company and let you all know who you are talking too. Katy is our newest employee and is utterly and completely excited to have joined the Hatch River Expeditions team. Working with customers from around the world to provide them with the ultimate whitewater vacation is a dream come true for her. She is learning quickly that we seriously have the BEST clients.

Katy grew up in Los Gatos, CA and spent most of her life there. She ventured to Tucs Read More