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1. White water rafting in the Grand Canyon is our sole passion – it’s ALL we do.

Motor rigs at Lees Ferry. This place is home.

Motor rigs at Lees Ferry. This place is home.

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Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

While the summer months here at Hatch may be the most fun and exciting, the winter months are equally as important. We find ourselves doing a lot of preparations for the upcoming river seas Read More

April 17th, 2013Marble Canyon

So you are driving to Marble Canyon before your rafting trip, huh? You have probably heard of Lees Ferry especially in the planning process of your rafting trip. But what about the little (and I mean tiny!) town that supports the activities of so many rafters every year.

Well Marble Canyon exists solely because of its proximity to the Colorado River. Because of the difficult terrain in Northern Arizona, there are not many opportunities to cross the river. Lees Ferry happens to be one of those places as it sits conveniently where the Ve Read More

For those of you who have called our friendly office staff to book a trip, I’m sure you remember the multiple questions we ask to complete your reservation. We get asked often to give more information on one question in particular, "Would you like to donate $1 per day of your trip to the Grand Canyon Fund?"

We thought that we should let you all know a little more information about this non-profit enterprise set up and run by a group of Grand Canyon National Parks’ licensed ri Read More

The Grand Canyon group tour whitewater season is about to go out with a bang! Hatch River Expedition’s last put-in date is September 21st!

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"My family and I had an amazing journey. For "non-campers", this was a learning process, a bit of a struggle, awe inspiring, and deeply moving. The crew was absolutely terrific. I was so impressed with their professionalism and with their hearts. They care, and that makes it better for all involved."

Jeff M. Texas. May 2011

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ust upstream of the Colorado River and Little Colorado River confluence sits a vacant cabin built in 1880 by Benjamin Beamer. The stone cabin is built on a midden of up to almost 5.5 feet and dates back to AD 600.

Beamer was one of the many miners seeking fortune in the Grand Canyon. He lived in the cabin for 12 years.

The cabin is an unlikely stop for white water rafting trips because the main attraction at the Little Colorado River confluence is swimming down the Little!

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Grand Canyon River Guide

If you bring, but one book on your Grand Canyon white water rafting trip, let it be Belknap’s Waterproof Grand Canyon River Gu Read More

Really, you can be anywhere and be a birder. The most prolific bird, seen multiple times each day on my trip down the Colorado River, was the Great Blue Heron.

Lifted from the National Park Service web page for birds of the Grand Canyon:

The lush vegetation and diversity of plant species along the riparian zone create many bird habitats in a relatively small area. Of the 373 bird species recorded Read More