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How it All Started:

My first Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip was in September, 2006. I worked my way along a 12-day row trip until Phantom Ranch, where I hiked out via the Bright Angel Trail. My most vivid memory is standing above Unkar Rapid with my friend, Angie Mauldin, and looking down at the muddy water, completely awed by the scale and complexity of the rapid. After I hiked out of the trip, I stood in my driveway that evening, completely dirty from Read More

My first Grand Canyon trip was a 21-day private trip in 1985. I still see half of the participants from that trip and have vivid memories of many of the events and sites that we visited. At a young age, I had the impression that I had seen most of and certainly the best sites that Grand Canyon has to offer! It took another trip to get educated about how much in Grand Canyon I had not seen and how much it has to offer. Ever since, I have been honored to spend the time in Grand Canyon that being a guide has allowed me to. Spending so much time Read More

"One of our oar rigs flipped in Hermit and not a minute later, a Hatch boat runs the rapid and pulls over to help us flip it back over, saving us loads of time and effort. We were so grateful to have your help in that time of stress. On top of that, Hatch boats stopped by our camps at Whitmore Wash and Granite Park and gave us ice, water and various foods. Thanks so much for being an awesome company and great river stewards!"

Richard N. private, non-Hatch trip. September 2011

Here’s a video of Read More

"We are part of the group that was caught in a flash flood in Matkatamiba Canyon on July 9. The. Hatch crew caught our boats, gear and bags. When they greeted us that evening with cheers, hugs, food and clothes, we were so grateful and overwhelmed. Words cannot express how much we appreciate all that the people of Hatch did for us."

Judy M. on a private, Non-Hatch trip in July 2011

We posted about this on Facebook when a Hatchling posted about it on our FB wall. Watch a short video of the Read More

Thanks to all of you who have purchased books through the Hatch River Expedition’s amazon.com store! We donate all proceeds to the Whale Foundation which supports the health and well being of river guides in the Grand Canyon.

If you’re considering making holiday purchases on amazon.com, please consider doing s Read More

Hatch River Expeditions has a line of river-worthy, branded clothing from Columbia Sportswear Company, Ouray, and other quality outdoor clothing companies. We have thick, cotton hoodies; T-shirts (You come into the world cold, wet and naked. There’s no reason you can’t stay that way! Hatch River Rat; tough as nails! or a more tame Rafting the Grand Canyon Makes Me Happy); fleece wind jackets and vests; fleece full- and half-zip jackets and vests; cotton and synthetic long-sleeve T-shirts; caps and visors; t Read More

What’s a Colorado River trip without a daily hike? You’ll have the option to hike each day while on an oar, motorized or kayak trip with Hatch. Our guides know all the sweet spots in the Grand Canyon and will take you safely up trails or along the base of streams. You’ll end up at a view, a swimming hole or water fall. We even offer hike intensive whitewater trips.

Hiking in the Grand Canyon while on a white water rafting trip was last modified: July 22nd, 2015 Read More

At the end of a trip, guides deflate, roll up and load the side pontoons onto the raft. Depending on the season, the Hatch big rig meets the rafts at Diamond Creek,Separation Canyon or Pearce Ferry.

Load ’em up, move ’em out.
Rafts are driven along Interstate 40, north onto 89 at Flagstaff, through the Navajo Reservation, over the new Navajo Bridge, past the entrance to Lee’s Ferry (oh, so much cleanup work to do before another launch), and on into Marble Canyon and the Hatch River Expeditions warehouse.

That’s all there is t Read More

January 1st, 2011How to make Frybread

If you’re driving from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to Hatch River Expedition headquarters and the launch of your whitewater rafting vacation, you’ll drive by several amazing works of art on the Navajo reservation.

The Painted Desert Project posts wonderful backstories and photos on Facebook and on the blog Speaking Loud and Saying Nothing. Dig deep to find information on installa Read More