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"We were so impressed with the quality of guides. Kelly, Rico, Brian, Sean, Lena and Dom who showed ultimate skill, patience, encouragement, friendliness, knowledge, and love of the Canyon. They emphasized safety first, and then treated us to unending fun and excitement on the rapids, as well as beauty and serenity of the river and campsites. We treasured every minute, including the shore excursions and hikes into those remote and extraordinary settings. I also want to compliment your meal planner, Michelle, as well as the guides’ outdoor co Read More

If you’re on an upper or lower river trip – both motorized and oar-powered – you’ll be hiking in/out the Bright Angel trail. You and your river mates will hike as a group and will be escorted by a guide.

Even if you’re not slated to hike the Bright Angel trail, you’ll have daily opportunities to hike the side canyons within the Grand Canyon.

Summer 2011 guest, Kari Ahern, let us use some of her hiking photos.

So far, we’ve covered the obvious Bucket List: whitewater raft the Grand Canyon and the Read More

This is why we’re here: We love the Grand Canyon. We love the Colorado River. We love our jobs and most of all, we love sharing all of this with you.

A whitewater rafting trip with Hatch River Expeditions isn’t just about crossing something off your bucket list. It’s about the gourmet river food; our amazing-hard-working-fun guides; breath-taking hikes up winding ravines; really cold white water; standing in waterfalls; photographing Grand Canyon wild flowers, wild life and the wild faces of your new friends; knowing what the canyon is Read More

January 1st, 2011Can't Drink the Water

What exactly do you drink on a whitewater river trip?

For all Hatch River Expeditions Grand Canyon trips, purified water and lemonade/Gatorade are available at all times on the boat and in camp. Coffee, tea and juices are served at breakfast.

If you would like to have any other beverages such as beer, wine or soda, you must supply them on your own. We recommend using the Beverage Order Form in your trip packet. Optionally, you can buy drinks when you arrive in Marble Canyon (there are several gas stations along the way and in Read More

When you’re reading the back-in-the-day stories of running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon – of the riffles and rapids – remember that things have changed since the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam (built primarily to prevent silt buildup at the downstream Hoover Dam) in 1966.

The day’s CFS affects how many miles you can travel in a day – especially for oar trips.

Before construction of the Glen Canyon Dam, the sectio Read More

"We were fortunate to have been able to ride each day with a different guide. Kelly, Brian, Dominic, Lena, Rico and Sean. We felt each oar guide was extremely well qualified and experienced on the Colorado River, informative, personable, helpful and encouraging. Each guide was also most respectful of Kelly as the trip leader and complemented her kind leadership abilities. . Also, extend my deepest thanks to Steve Hatch, who we met briefly at Lee’s Ferry, to hiking guide Misty, and menu credit to Michele. This adventure has been on our ‘bucke Read More

The Motor Stats

Grand Canyon motorboats are typically propelled by a conventional 30 hp four-stroke Honda Marine outboard and on average, operate for about four to six hours per day. Each boat carries two motors (one in reserve) and burns approximately fifty gallons of fuel while traversing 300 river miles over six to eight days. Each season, 100 motor rigs are used to conduct about 425 such trips. Grand Canyon motorboats travel at approximately eight to ten miles per Read More

Floating on rivers is a unique way to enjoy the outdoors. From a raft, kayak, or canoe adrift on the water, a river traveler can watch a heron silently flying overhead, observe the record of millions of years of geologic time, or experience the thrill of running a turbulent rapid. River corridors have always provided an ideal channel for exploring America’s wild places. Historically, early river pioneers were searching for furs, precious metals, minerals, and routes to the Pacific Ocean. The Grand Canyon stretch of the Colorado was first run Read More

"Most of us are back in business but believe me it is really hard because while I’m all dressed up with my tie and ironed shirt on and sitting in my office, all I’m waiting for is Dave’s call for ‘camp meeting!’ I still miss wearing neoprene, short trousers, t-shirt and sandals. My special thanks to Brian for taking care of my wife Sabine when running the paddle-boat safe, perfect and spectacular ‘Geronimo’ and thanks to Dave for taking care of me."

Michael M. Germany. kayak support trip. August-September Read More

If you don’t already own a pair of sport sandals, consider making a purchase well in advance of your river trip. From balancing on raft pontoons, wading in the river to pee, walking in the lush beach sand at camp, short side canyon hikes and plunges into rocky stream beds and under torrential waterfalls – your feet will take a beating!

Happy feet make for happy Arizona river rafting campers! Consider traction, stability and protection when making a purchase or figuring out which shoes to bring that you already own. Teva or Chaco (a riv Read More