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The thought of a potential close encounter with a snake, scorpion, or other creature generally deemed sort of “creepy” on the river can be an uncomfortable one, especially for folks not accustomed to the desert ecosystems in which our trips take place. Common images of the American Southwest are of these types of creatures aggressively going after people and animals, but the reality is much different. If you’re a little wary, we think the best way to quell your fears (or possibly rule out this particular trip from your list of vacations) is Read More

In today’s “Guide Spotlight,” you’ll learn about Kelsey P., who after a few years of rowing oar powered boats and swamping motorized trips for Hatch has just started working as a motor boatman.

Trips in Grand Canyon: 19

Trips for Hatch: 19

How long have you been working in the outdoor industry? What got you into the outdoors?
I have had a deep appreciation for the outdoors my whole life. I started my white water career on my 18th b Read More

In today’s “Guide Spotlight” you’ll learn about one of Hatch’s newer guides, Carlos A.

Years working in the outdoor industry: 6 years

Trips in Grand Canyon: Just shy of ten times.

Trips for Hatch: Same

What got you into the outdoors?
Part of my family is from Northern Spain, where as kids we'd play hide and seek among the fishing boats, and I'd come home and draw up plans for the boat I'd build one day. Still no boat. Too much maintenance. Read More

One of the more common questions we get from guests preparing for their upcoming Grand Canyon river trips is some variation of, “What should I wear on my feet?” You’ll need to be prepared for walking on sandy beaches, wet rubber boat surfaces, and rocky trails, AND you’ll want to be comfortable and warm, so we understand why choosing the right footwear can be daunting.

Here is what we recommend for most of our guests:

A Comfortable Pair of Hiking Sandals

What we mean by this is a pair of sandal Read More

It can be an awkward conversation to have, but if you’ve never been on a Grand Canyon river trip or other similar adventure, you may have NO IDEA how you’re going to use the bathroom on your trip!

Since it can be an embarrassing conversation for some folks, we thought we’d give you the run down here and let you ask us follow up questions directly if you have any.

The Basics
One of the most challenging things for those who manage popular outdoor destinations can be keeping them free from human impacts, incl Read More

The waters travelling through Grand Canyon don’t follow the traditional pattern of having high flows during rainy seasons or when heavy snow melt is feeding into the river and low flows when precipitation is down. Instead, the changes in the Grand Canyon portion of the Colorado River are dictated more by how much water is being released through Glen Canyon Dam at any given time. Multiple agencies work together to determine how much water should be allowed to flow and for how long in order to achieve different goals. Those goals range from me Read More

We’re back with another post in our “Guide Spotlight” series, helping you get to know the best guides in the Grand Canyon just a little better. Today we’re featuring Nicky G., now in his second year with Hatch!

Years working in the outdoor industry: 6

Trips in Grand Canyon: Six, which my parents think is a lot, but it's nothing compared to the long-time legends that I am blessed to work with at Hatch. One day I'll have as much as experience as them!

Trips for Hatch: 4 Read More

If you’re on an Upper Canyon or Lower Canyon trip with Hatch, you are well aware that the Bright Angel Trail hike into or out of the Grand Canyon is long, strenuous, and MANDATORY.

For this reason, many guests who book this style of trip with Hatch choose to lighten their loads by using our UPS duffel service. It works like this:

If you’re on an UPPER CANYON trip, you’ll pack your gear as recommended and bring it all to Marble Canyon with you. You’ll also make sure to label it clearly (using something like a Read More

It might seem a little counter intuitive to book your couples getaway on a trip that will put you in close proximity to a bunch of strangers for a week, but hear us out! Hatch trips are actually great for couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or just the love that they have for each other.

Here are the top 4 reasons we think a Hatch trip is the perfect vacation for you and your partner:

1) There’s no access to the outside world.

In our normal lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the distra Read More

River season is coming, and we’re psyched that we’ll get to see all of your smiling faces soon. Some of you with early trips may be excited at the thought of seeing all those wildflowers in bloom, but grimacing at the possibility of traveling in colder temperatures. If this is you, we have some packing recommendations to help you keep warm even if the weather on your Grand Canyon trip isn’t.

1) Start with warm base layers

You’ll still probably want a set of moisture wicking underwear or a bathing suit closest Read More