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January 1st, 2011First Light

Squat on a shaving rock at Zoroaster.
In the gut of the schist gorge,
you cannot see where the sipapu sun
rises to the east this morning

Out of the Little Colorado,
carrying chocolate to the mainstream,
stirs Navajo sandstone and sacred
Hopi salt into the Colorado.

In the minute or so it takes
to extract my razor and cream
from a ziplock TSA hasn’t screened,
a turbine-propelled tide from Page eats
at the blue stripes of my $7.00
Cortez Walmart sneakers.

Down in Phoenix and L.A.?Read More


A Hatch guide in short s Read More

Depending on the date and weather of your take out, you’ll end your trip at one of three locations. Launches after September 15th will hike out at Whitmore Wash and be transported to Bar 10 Ranch for the flight to Las Vegas, South Rim, Marble Canyon or Page.

Diamond Creek is a tributary of the Grand Canyon and converges with the Colorado River at river mile 226. The creek gains its name from a nearby diamond-shaped peak that towers over the river. This unique canyon is the only location within the Grand Canyon National Park that allows Read More

Go There
Anything you have read about the Grand Canyon is a lie
Language falters and dies before the fact
The experience is inexpressible in words
The Grand Canyon is its own language
Written across space, causality and time
See how puny these words are
Do not believe them
Go there

– Amil Quayle. Grand Canyon and Other Selected Poems (a friend of Ted Hatch)

Two Gentlemen of Verona. SCENE VII. Read More

Stanton’s Cave, so named after Brewster Stanton who used the cave to cache tools during an 1889 retreat from the canyon, is home to a summer maternity colony of Townsend’s big-eared bats (Corynorhinus townsendii). Past exploration of the cave’s contents and a door installed to keep out looters put the bat’s survival at risk. 2,000 pounds of steel were weld Read More

The Grand Canyon Conservation Fund is non-profit enterprise established in 1988 and managed by a group of Grand Canyon National Park’s licensed river outfitters. Each year, roughly eighty percent of all professionally outfitted river trip passengers donate $1 per day of their river trip fees to the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund.

In turn, this money is awarded in the form of grants to non-profit conservation groups and those working to provide access to back-country outd Read More

January 1st, 2011Grand Canyon Oar Boats

An oar trip allows you to experience the Grand Canyon at a slower pace. Unless, of course, it’s time to shoot through a whitewater rapid! Either way, your pace is up to the river.

We have full Colorado River oar trips as well as six and seven half-river trips. Half river trips start or end with a hike out (for those of you wishing to tick two items off your list).

As with all Hatch River Expedition trips, you’ll start with checking in and listen to a brief orientation.

We’ll introduce you to your white water boatman and del Read More

"Special appreciation and commendations must go to Dave, Don and Kelly who at all times exhibited competence, skills and knowledge—and good humor—in taking 29 people safely thru the week-long sojourn. All three made the arduous job of shepherding our group seem effortless. Great meals, sound instructions, history of the Canyon. Dave, our boat captain, is a walking encyclopedia on the Canyon and its lore, and conveying an all-around sense of competence that only comes from many years of experience in doing their job on the river. Finally, I’d Read More

“We had a terrific trip with Hatch the second week of May 2010. I celebrated my retirement by inviting friends and relatives for the trip. We had a group of 17 whom I invited, and 11 others joined for the trip. Everyone had a great time.

We had people who had considered doing this trip before, but just needed a little nudge from me. One such person was my wife. At first she said she wouldn’t go. Then when my cousins wife said she would go, my wife decided to join the trip. After the trip she was thoroughly excited for the experience. Read More