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When you get to the launch, all of your gear must fit in a water-proof dry bag that we provide. The dry bag is Hatch orange so we call it a pumpkin. If on a full river trip, we recommend you pack your stuff in a regular duffel bag. If you’re hiking in/out and carrying your pack, a backpack is fine, but not the old-school external frame packs. And, please, no suit cases on the rafts!!! That just wouldn’t be cool at all.

If you’re going on a trip with us this season, now’s a good time to start collecting proper rafting clothing and gear. Read More

One of the first things you should pack is a high quality water bottle. We provide filtered water while you’re on the Colorado River, but you’ll want to carry your bottle with you on hikes, bring it to your tent at night and keep it handy while on the raft. We recommend a good stainless steel bottle. Plastic can leach into water when left in the sun. It’s very likely that your bottle will be left in the sun!

If you’re on an Upper Colorado River white water rafting trip, you’ll be hiking out the Bright Angel trail. We will start you off Read More

We pride ourselves in running the white water rapids, running you ragged and feeding you well. We covered what kind of food is served on a Hatch whitewater rafting trip a while back in a blog post. Here are some shots of the food before it makes its way to the Colorado River – at Hatch River Expeditions headquarters – and being served up to guests in the Grand Canyon.

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Eric and Christian give a poem for Swamper Jim,
his birthday now the day Jerry died cross the mighty Rio
Grandieo to the mighty muddy Colorado’s broke down palace—
Vishnu schist, Zoroaster granite, great mysterious Unconformity.
At 46 the rock, all the rock that’s falling out, simply disappears
and the River takes the man wherever a man may go to do his fathering, Swamper Jim’s a friend to whom the River sings—
the river loves a sweeper, see how it’s tongue wraps

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Nancy Gibson organized a trip for Kansas City folks.

Our trip with Hatch down the Colorado River was the trip of a lifetime! We went in June of 2010 in a motorized boat. There were 20 of us from Kansas City and we met two other families we thoroughly enjoyed. It is hard to decide what was best, the rafting, the daily hikes, the waterfalls, the wildlife or the wonderful food! At the end of each day, we enjoyed Happy Hour sitting in the chairs Hatch provided with our feet cooling in the Colorado. All in all, an amazing time.
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The Kanab Ambersnail is a land snail that measures in at about the size of a dime. There are only two known natural populations: one in a series of small ponds near the city of Kanab (of course), Utah and the other in Grand Canyon National Park at a large spring along the Colorado River called Vasey’s Paradise at mile 31.9. You’ll pass mile 31.9 on your first day if you’re on a motor white water rafting trip and will unlikely stop there.

Because of the damming and experimental releases of high flows to re-establish beaches, the snails Read More

If you are a serious white water kayaker, you know how difficult it is to do a multi-day trip. Let us haul your gear and handle your logistics so you can have more fun paddling the white water of the Colorado River.

We offer motorized kayak support trips and provide a qualified safety river guide that is familiar not only with the rapids, but with the natural history of the Grand Canyon.

We will charter a trip for groups of 16 or more.

White water kayak trips can be from 10 to 14 days and run the full river due to take out Read More

Spoiler alert: if you just want to enjoy Lava Falls for the thrill it provides, read no further!

Geology of a Grand Canyon Rapid
Three elements make up a rapid: a constricted point in a river (velocity of the current increases), an uneven river bottom (mmmm turbulence), and, the best part, that drop in elevation (speed! and more turbulence) – 13 vertical feet in less than 100 horizontal.

In the Grand Canyon, most rapids are formed of debris fans deposited in the river from the many side canyons. Some fans create riffles, oth Read More

Absolutely everyone loves a stop at the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River. Rafts usually anchor to a slab of rock jutting out into the big river. Guests scramble up out of the raft and onto the slab for a beautiful view of the confluence. The clear blue water of the Little hits what is often muddy water of the Big. The clear blue is an optical illusion due to the white lime from sedimentary rock layers – the calcium carbonate has built up as a white lime coating on the bottom of the Little.

Before or a Read More

All of the shuffling around sure can get confusing. It’s your summer vacation and you want it to go smoothly. So you can get a visual on things, we’ve created a google map of put-in to take-out locations along the Colorado River.

For starters, Cher and Magnolia will take care of most of the logistics, but you do need Read More