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"Everybody went out of their way to make it nice and it certainly was. It was a great group, no whiners, no head trips, just a boatload of fun people. Tim’s cooking was first class. He was also very helpful around camp and on hikes. He’s very knowledgeable. Jeff is outstanding. Everyone loved his stories and jokes. He really made the trip fun for all. We were also very impressed with his boating skills. Everything, everything, everything was perfect. I never heard a grumble from anybody on the entire trip. Thanks to all of you: Cher, Michell Read More

Save the Colorado details the myriad of threats to the Colorado River, among them: climate change, population growth, dams and diversions, species extinction, mineral resources, and invasive species. Did you know that the Colorado River is completely drained by the time it reaches it’s one-time delta at the Sea of Cortez?

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Hatch guides David Kasinski and Scott Perry are in a new book about Colorado River – The Colorado River Flow Read More

When packing for a Grand Canyon Colorado River trip, you’ve got to think about weight. We recommend you lay things out so that you can make sure that you’re bringing the bare minimum.

The weight limit in the aircraft is 25 pounds per person. This includes your beverages and your own sleeping gear if you are flying them into Marble Canyon. We’ve reviewed what to pack: rain gear, skin protection, good water sandals, sun glasses, sun hat and synthetic or wool fiber clothing.

Upper or Lower River trips mean that you’ll be hiking in o Read More

I love to paint whenever I travel. It is my form of journaling. I rafted thru the Grand Canyon on an independent trip 20 years ago. My friends, who introduced me to rafting, have gone down the Grand many times on private trips. Their first time was for their 25th wedding anniversary, 25 years ago, hence, this trip for their 50th wedding anniversary. With the average age now around 70, we opted for the luxury of a Hatch trip. We had 17 people, all friends of our anniversary couple, 5 boats with 5 wonderful boat captains to spoil us, beautiful Read More

"The trip was absolutely incredible! Sean P is such a natural and so sweet with the many demands on him, obviously a product of good training from Ray and Joni! The food was terrific and every detail seemed to be planned out. I have never laughed so much and had such full days. Even the weather cooperated. The only real lightning, thunder, driving wind and rain came as we were literally heading into Lava rapids which added a considerable edge to the event."

Nancy A. Bahamas. July 2011

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Our Hatch Trip-of-a-Lifetime (as I call it) was all that and more. Everything was perfect. I will remember it as my journey over the rainbow and down the yellow brick road with what I think was a mixture of the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man.

I think Jeff, JP and Scott played all 3 roles. They all could be the Scarecrow- so much knowledge and experience among them. Makes me feel simple. All have strength and courage like Lion. Makes me feel weak. Amazing to live a life of no fear. Our guides came from nowhere- yet they were everyw Read More

Once upon a time there was the Colorado River and it was winding its way down the Grand Canyon. Flash forward and there are dams, beaches not being renewed by floods, people, and the introduction from Eurasia of the tamarisk (or saltcedar) into the southwest for erosion control in the 19th century.

You’ll see tamarisk all along the banks of the Colorado River during your rafting trip. Depending on the season, you’ll note the wispy green or pink bloomed shrubs lining the River along the entire stretch of the Grand Canyon.

Tamarisk Read More

Rosemary & Blake Clark have been coordinating Hatch rafting trips for the Colorado Mountain Club for years.

“We’ve had 3 great trips with Hatch. Our 4th one is coming up this April. We coordinate one of Hatch’s 12 day spring raft and hike trips for the Colorado Mountain Club.

Our trips are hiking trips foremost with great rafting to get us to our trail heads. The CMC is a Read More

Chelsea relaxing on calm water.

Chelsea DeWeese, Hatch River Expeditions river guide, brings along a few things to keep herself comfortable and as a backup for gu Read More

Just after mile 30 is Vasey’s Paradise – a lush green spring-fed oasis on river right. Water falls from groundwater emerging from the upper cliff faces.

John Wesley Powell named this beautiful area for a botanist and friend who accompanied him on earlier expeditions, but was unable to attend the 1869 expedition.

Crimson and yellow monkey-flower, ferns, watercress, and other species thrive in this natural garden incl Read More