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"I want to compliment almost every aspect of the trip. The sleeping bags are great, though unmatched by the stars dancing above you. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are to anticipate with hungry appetites. The rafts are truly ‘comfortable’. The tea room offers the best view, in my humble opinion, but not quite as refreshing as the bathtub. We arrived to the raft wondering where 16 people could put themselves and still move an arm or a leg, but there is space for all…people, luggage, and supplies. Amazing! I can clearly understand why many of yo Read More

Hatch oar boats are made from tough hypalon rubber that can withstand the fun and abuse the Colorado River dishes out. The rafts are 18 feet long and eight feet wide and will fit a guide and four passengers.

The guide does all of the rowing with two wooden oars. Oar boat rafting is at Colorado River speed – about four miles per hour on flat water and you-know-how-fast in the rapids!

With self-bailing floors and custom frames, these are the most comfortable rowboats on the water. Each raft is capable of hauling your rafting n Read More

January 1st, 2011Whitewater Haiku

"Great trip; Still having

withdrawal…missing having

freezing water coming Read More