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It’s hard to go wrong when you choose among Hatch’s Grand Canyon River Trips. Motorized, oar-powered, short, long, upper canyon, or lower—we love them all. Throughout the canyon you’ll find geologic wonders, roaring rapids, and places that have been occupied or visited by travelers for hundreds of years. But, if you want to find yourself immersed in Grand Canyon history (and pre-history!), we definitely recommend the Upper Canyon.

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Today marks the last launch of our 2015 river season. There won’t be another Hatch River Expeditions boat parked at the gravely shore at Lees Ferry until April. Soon, the last helicopter will fly out of Whitmore Wash and Hatch boats and guides and guests will be off the river completely and returning to their fall and winter lives.

For some of our guides, this means working with winter outdoor enthusiasts at ski resorts. For others, it means returning to classrooms to teach and to learn. For others still, it means bunkering down in the Read More

I’m Jessica. I’m new to the Hatch River Expeditions team, and I just completed my first ever trip white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. Now, I find myself in the unique position of being able to tell you not only what a trip can be like, but what it’s like traveling 188 miles down the Colorado River as the most famous canyon in the world rises up and changes around you for the very first time. Over the next few weeks, I’ll tell you exactly what my trip was like, rapid by rapid.


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As a guest on a Hatch River Expedition, you will hear so many stories that they all start to blend together. This rapid is where this person died and this rock has this memorial etc.

The Grand Canyon has such a long, rich history that the best river guide can really only scratch the surface of the stories it has to tell. And yet, when you venture just a little further—beyond the rim of the story—you will find, in the unfathomable depths and winding pathways, whole people, entire lives lived, worlds of existen Read More

There are over 3 trillion trees on earth! 1

A recent study that’s been making its rounds on the internet combined satellite imaging with ground-based measurements and computer models to determine that the earth is covered with waaay more trees than they previously thought. (2.6 trillion more… give or take a few billion.2)

While we can’t say how many individual trees exist in the Grand Canyon, we do know that t Read More

Hesitating about booking that 2016 Grand Canyon river trip? Stop thinking about it and JUMP IN!

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River trips really do "run" in the family. In this Flashback Friday, Ted Hatch discusses some of the families (other than the Hatches) who have been running rivers for generations. Regrettably, this is where our interview transcript ends. But don’t worry—we’ll keep sharing all the Grand Canyon white water and Hatch family gems we find around the office.

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The Grand Canyon is home to some of nature’s most striking wonders, many of which you only get to see when you hike up to them. Even experienced hikers sometimes face difficulty in this high desert climate, though. In fact, the National Park Service’s website for the Grand Canyon warns (in bold font), "Everyone who hikes in the canyon for the first time reports that it was more difficult than they expected."

Don’t worry, though. A little pre-trip conditioning, paired wit Read More

One of the most common questions we get from guests who have just finished reviewing the packing guide in our Trip Packets is, "Wait… why do I need rain gear?"

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