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As October 31st draws near, Hatch’s Halloween Countdown continues. We’ve told you about the bugs and bats you’ll encounter on a Grand Canyon river trip, but there’s still more to come! This week’s topic famously found literary acclaim in 1845, but has been featured in the myths and legends of cultures around the world since long before that.


These birds’ distinctive, croaking voices and dark feathers have been drawing the attention of storytellers since the beginning, with appea Read More

The day draws near when your neighborhood will be flooded with witches, vampires, zombies, and probably more than a few little girls in blue Elsa dresses begging for candy. You might not be on a Grand Canyon river trip this time of year, but you can relive the spookiest bits of your last trip with Hatch’s Halloween Countdown.
Check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through Halloween for the next installment of spooky!


Talking about bugs this time of year might conjure for some of u Read More

With Halloween only ten days away, it’s hard to go anywhere without being inundated by pumpkins, spider webs, costumes, and candy. In the spirit of the season, we thought you might like to know a bit about some of the more Halloween-y things you’ll encounter on your Grand Canyon river trip.

Check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through Halloween for the next installment of spooky!


We’ve told you a bit about bats before on this blog, but these creatures are so interesting that t Read More

There’s no doubt that a Grand Canyon white water rafting vacation is among the best one can take. But, we’re humbled when we hear from our guests that what really made their trip was coming with Hatch. From being impressed with the company to connecting to our guides, the lovely comments our August and September guests shared with us helped us finish out the season on just the right note.

About Hatch:

I rarely give top marks to anything as there is always room for improvement. But your trip is a well oiled ma Read More

The Hatches have been running Grand Canyon raft trips for a LONG time. This photo from Volume 8, Issue Number 192 of the Arizona Daily Sun, published on Monday, May 3rd 1954, shows Bus and his crew triumphant after a harrowing trip down the river during which they lost their kitchen gear.

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It’s hard to go wrong when you choose among Hatch’s Grand Canyon River Trips. Motorized, oar-powered, short, long, upper canyon, or lower—we love them all. Throughout the canyon you’ll find geologic wonders, roaring rapids, and places that have been occupied or visited by travelers for hundreds of years. But, if you want to find yourself immersed in Grand Canyon history (and pre-history!), we definitely recommend the Upper Canyon.

From your launch at Lee’s Ferry all the way through Marble Canyon to your trip’s completion near Phantom R Read More

Today marks the last launch of our 2015 river season. There won’t be another Hatch River Expeditions boat parked at the gravely shore at Lees Ferry until April. Soon, the last helicopter will fly out of Whitmore Wash and Hatch boats and guides and guests will be off the river completely and returning to their fall and winter lives.

For some of our guides, this means working with winter outdoor enthusiasts at ski resorts. For others, it means returning to classrooms to teach and to learn. For others still, it means bunkering down in the Read More