7 Day Lower Grand Canyon Hiking Focused

Raft and Hike One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Morris Outwater

7 Day Lower Grand Canyon

Meet your Hatch hiking guide on the South Rim at 5am, and begin your hike down the Bright Angel Trail into the Grand Canyon. Watch the scenery around you change as you descend toward the river beneath the steadily rising sun. Then, join up with your boats* and spend the rest of your trip holding on tight through some of the Colorado River’s most exciting rapids and making stops to explore its beautiful side canyons.

On the last day of your trip, check out the spectacular gorge from above during your scenic helicopter flight out of the Grand Canyon and then board a fixed wing flight to the South Rim or Las Vegas, NV.

*Our boats launch 90 miles up river from Bright Angel Trail at Lees Ferry several days before you hike in to meet them on the river.

7 Day Lower Grand Canyon

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