6 Day Upper Grand Canyon Hiking Focused

Raft and Hike One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Jean Nemechek

6 Day Upper Grand Canyon

Spend the night before your trip beneath the Vermilion Cliffs at the Cliff Dwellers Lodge in Marble Canyon and become immersed in the desert’s beauty. On day one, climb aboard your raft at Lee’s Ferry for 6 days of exploring the Upper Canyon. Make your way from the changing rock layers of Marble Canyon—named by John Wesley Powell for its marble-like appearance—all the way to the beginnings of the dark, and beautiful Inner Gorge, with more than a few rapids along the way!

On the final day of your trip, get a new perspective of the Canyon as you hike the 9.5 mile Bright Angel trail from Phantom Ranch to the South Rim.

6 Day Upper Grand Canyon

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