Active Adults Have the Most Fun in Grand Canyon

If you're all grown up, you're ready to go rafting!

Photo Credit: Kelsey Pfendler

Most Hatch Guests Are Retired

Did you know the average age of a guest with Hatch is 58 years old?

If you think white water rafting is an adventure sport best suited to young people, think again. We find that the folks who have the most fun on our trips are those with a few more life experiences under their belts. More than 76% of our guests are over 50 years old, while 15% are over 70

Photo Credit: Nancy Sanguinetti
Photo Credit: Thomas Nunn

No Experience Necessary

You don’t need to be an expert oarsman to experience the remote beauty of the backcountry. Just bring your adventure attitude and our professional guides will handle the tough stuff. You'll be free to focus on taking in every inch of incredible scenery, climbing the rocky trails to reach cooling waterfall oases, and bonding with your fellow travelers over the best camping food you’ll ever eat.

Your guides will also tell you all about the canyon, from its history to its geology. Interested in what kind of plant that is, what makes the rocks form like that, or who might have lived here centuries before you set foot on the sand? Ask your guides—chances are good that they’ll have a story for you about it.

Never been camping? What are you waiting for? We provide all of your essential camping and rafting gear, we’ll teach you how to set up a tent, and our guides will even do the cooking for you.

Be Prepared

There are a few things you should be aware of before you commit to a Hatch river trip. While entirely doable for most people, a multi-day white water rafting adventure is no walk in the park (although you’ll technically be in Grand Canyon National Park). You’ll need to be prepared for extreme temperatures (well over 100°F in the peak of summer), intense sun, cold water, rocky trails, and sand… everywhere.

If you have any medical or dietary conditions or are worried about your physical capabilities, you may want to discuss the suitability of such a trip with your doctor. We’re also happy to talk through your concerns and give you a realistic idea of the conditions you’ll experience.

Ready to get started? Here are some trips you might enjoy:

Rating: Active

7 Day Full Canyon Motorized Trip

This is our most popular and most frequently offered style of trip. If you’re looking for more of an “adults only” trip makeup, try booking in May, late August, or September when most families have kids in school.

Rating: More Active

12 Day Full Canyon Oar Powered Trip

If you have a little more time to devote to your vacation, this trip should be on your list of possibilities. You’ll travel the same distance as on the Full Canyon Motorized, but on smaller craft rowed by our guides. These smaller rafts can be tossed around a bit more, so be ready to hang on tight through the larger rapids.

Rating: Most Active

12 Day Full Canyon Hiking Focused Trip

If you have some extra time AND you’re an avid hiker, we have the trip for you. It’s only offered in mid-April, but if your schedule allows this trip affords you an opportunity to do longer hikes to destinations other travels won’t see. April is also the perfect time to see the canyon’s many wildflowers in bloom.