7 Day Lower Grand Canyon Oar Powered Expedition

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7 Day Lower Grand Canyon

For the time being, we are not running upper or lower canyon trips. This is due to construction planned for Bright Angel Trail by the National Parks Service. Check out our full canyon trips to see 188 river miles of the Grand Canyon in all its glory!

Begin this expedition with a rigorous 9.5 mile guided hike down Bright Angel Trail beginning at 5am. Meet the rafts at the bottom of the trail* and have an orientation before boarding and setting off on your adventure. Begin your 99 river mile journey with some of the large rapids starting on Day 1! The Lower Canyon is home to magical waterfalls and fantastic slot canyons just waiting to be explored. On your last day, view the canyon from the sky as a helicopter carries you to Bar 10 Ranch and then a fixed wing plane returns you to the South Rim or to Las Vegas, NV.

*Our boats launch 89 miles up river from Bright Angel Trail at Lees Ferry several days before you hike in to meet them on the river.

Be sure to read the Hiking Acknowledgement of Risk and Physical Requirements BEFORE booking. Please call our office if you have questions or concerns about this mandatory hike.

NOTE: For some mid-late September trips, the helicopter may not be available. Check with our reservation staff for more information.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

5:00am, meet our hiking guide in front of the fireplace in Bright Angel Lodge’s lobby. We begin hiking down Bright Angel Trail early to beat the heat. The hike usually takes 5-6 hours, setting us to arrive at the boats by lunch time. Meet guides and go over safety instruction and raft familiarity. Load onto the rafts and begin your expedition. Prepare for large rapids: Horn, Granite, Hermit, and Crystal all promise impressive waves and epic rides.

Day 2-4

Explore Shinumo Creek, Elves Chasm or Deer Creek Falls for more hiking, water play, and views. Check out the Bright Angel Shale or Tapeats Sandstone as you pass through the towering Canyon walls.

Day 5-6

Relax and enjoy swimming in the famed Havasu Canyon (it’s a real paradise!). Play in the pools or hike up the creek for more sights. Prepare for Lava Falls, one of the most famous rapids in the world!

Day 7

Helicopter flights to Bar 10 Ranch begin at 7:00am — enjoy the sights from above. Get a photo before you leave for Las Vegas or South Rim (and a safe trip to your final destination!)

7 Day Lower Grand Canyon

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