6 Day Upper Grand Canyon Oar Powered Expedition

Go on an Adventure Like No Other

Bob Golden

6 Day Upper Grand Canyon

Prepare for the gorgeous 89 river miles from Lees Ferry to the bottom of the Bright Angel Trail. The beauty of the Upper Canyon section of the river is in the drastic scenery changes. While floating along at an unhurried pace notice the canyon walls becoming ever larger. See yourself dropping into the depths of this prehistoric canyon. The Upper Canyon trip ends with a guided 9.5 mile hike up the famous Bright Angel Trail to the beautiful and very popular, South Rim.

Sample Itinerary

Day 0 (before your launch)

Arrange your logistics to arrive at Cliff Dwellers Lodge in Marble Canyon, AZ. Many guests leave a car at the South Rim of Grand Canyon and book the 3 hour Trans-Canyon Shuttle to the lodge. That way their car is waiting for them when they hike out on Day 6. There are a few other options available as well.

Day 1

Orientation begins promptly at 8:30AM. You will meet a Hatch employee in front of The Cliffs Restaurant. Learn how to pack your gear into the provided dry bags and listen to a short orientation before loading up in the vans and heading down to the river to meet the guides. One more orientation regarding safety and the rafts and away you go. Pass below Navajo Bridge for your last glance of civilization for a few days and get ready for your first taste of whitewater through Soap Creek, Badger and House Rock Rapid.

Day 2-3

More rapids come at a rapid pace. Take a break from the whitewater and hike to ancient Anasazi granaries or delve into spectacular side canyons. See some historic sites along the way and listen to guides interpretation of these events and locations.

Day 4-5

Float in the warm Little Colorado River and get personal with Unkar, Sockdolager, and Hance Rapids. Set up camp upriver from Phantom Ranch and enjoy your last night in the Grand Canyon’s wilderness.

Day 6

Wake up early and energized for your guided hike out of the Canyon via Bright Angel Trail. This hike usually takes between 6-8 hours before you will arrive back at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (don’t worry, you will pack a sandwich!).

6 Day Upper Grand Canyon

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