12 Day Oar Powered Grand Canyon Expedition

Go on an Adventure Like No Other

12 Day Grand Canyon

Relish every moment of the 188-mile span of the Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry to Whitmore Wash. As you float along at the river’s pace, you have 12 days to take in the views, get acquainted with some of the world’s best rapids, hike through slot canyons, and take a dip in powerful waterfalls and pristine swimming destinations. Enjoy the company of your guides as they instruct you in Grand Canyon raft trip safety, history and lore, and cook hearty meals at the end of each day. There is nothing better than spending an evening with new friends in the Canyon only to fall asleep on a starlit beach. On the last day, enjoy the views from the air on a helicopter ride to Bar 10 Ranch and then a fixed wing plane back to Marble Canyon or to Las Vegas, NV. This is how the Grand Canyon National Park was meant to be seen!

NOTE: For some mid-late September trips, the helicopter may not be available. Check with our reservation staff for more information.

Sample Itinerary

Day 0 (before your launch)

Head on out to Cliff Dwellers Lodge in Marble Canyon, AZ. The hotel is located directly next to Hatch River Expeditions warehouse and about 20 miles to the launch point of Lees Ferry. Have a margarita and a meal at the Cliffs Restaurant and relax before your grand adventure.

Day 1-2

Meet Hatch River Expeditions crew in front of the restaurant at Cliff Dwellers Lodge at 8:30AM. Pick up beverage orders and be ready for a short orientation. At this point you will receive your dry bags so have your duffels packed and ready. Another orientation will take place after the drive down to Lees Ferry where guides will discuss information about raft logistics and river safety. Hop aboard and get ready for tiny splashes of the Paria Riffle and on to the larger torrents of Soap Creek! Experience the fun of the Roaring Twenties where you will find a rapid about every mile or so. Some highlights ahead are Vasey’s Paradise and the beautiful beach at Redwall Cavern.

Day 3-6

Take a swim through the pristine waters of the Little Colorado River and drop through tremendous Hance Rapid. A stop at Phantom Ranch might be in store if time allows.

Day 7-9

You have now entered the Inner Gorge and the most ancient section of the Canyon. See the diversity of ecosystems throughout the Canyon with side hikes to places such as Elves Chasm or Deer Creek Falls.

Day 10-11

The paradise of Havasu Canyon might be in store where you can sit back and relax by the turquoise waters. Lava Falls is ahead so get ready for this infamous rapid!

Day 12

At Whitmore Wash get ready for your helicopter ride out of the Canyon to Bar 10 Ranch. These usually begin around 7:00 AM and the flight lasts about 10 minutes. Have your camera ready because you will be seeing the Grand Canyon from above. Arrive at Bar 10 Ranch and get ready for a fixed wing aircraft ride to Las Vegas, Marble Canyon or Page.

12 Day Grand Canyon

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How to pack for your expedition

Grand Canyon Map

Your trip will begin at Lees Ferry and end at Whitmore Wash. Here are just a few of the most popular stops along the way!

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