Pre-Booking Form

(Due within 14 days of making your reservation)

First Step: Complete Your Pre-Booking Form

We start having conversations with our guests about their physical, dietary, and medical needs as early as possible--in many cases before they even book their trips. This helps us ensure that everyone on a Hatch River Expedition understands the requirements and limitations of traveling through a backcountry wilderness setting like Grand Canyon. The first step in this conversation is to make sure everyone in your party completes a pre-booking form.


This form must be completed for each guest on your reservation and returned within 14 days of making your reservation. If this form is not completed, your dietary and medical needs will not be taken into account as we plan for your trip. Hatch reserves the right to cancel any guest’s reservation without refund if this form has not been completed accurately and returned by the deadline.

Note: If a guest indicates a dietary or medical condition that may pose additional risk in a remote wilderness environment, Hatch may require additional information in order to assess whether we can safely and reasonably accommodate that guest’s particular needs. Further documentation, including clearance from a guest’s physician, may be required to determine whether a guest will be allowed to participate.

If a guest indicates a condition on this form that Hatch cannot accommodate and this form was received within 14 days of booking, Hatch will cancel that guest’s reservation and provide a full refund for their space.

Please review the Physical Requirements and the Risk Advisory to Health-Care Providers and Participants prior to completing this form.*

*We are happy to accommodate a wide range of physical challenges and medical conditions as long as we can do so without compromising the safety of our other guests.

Pre-Booking Form - fillable
Please note: At this time, we do not have the capability to collect electronic signatures. If you use the electronically fillable version of this form, you will still need to print and manually sign this document before returning it to Hatch River Expeditions.

Pre-Booking Form - printable
Please note: The printable version of this form must be completed and signed manually and then returned to Hatch River Expeditions.


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