Pre-Trip Education

Learn more about Grand Canyon before your trip even starts!

Photo credit: Kelsey Pfendler

Get Ready by Getting Educated

There is more to know about the Grand Canyon than we could teach you in a lifetime, much less in a week-long trip. That’s part of what makes visiting this place such an incredible experience.

Since so many guests enjoy their trips more when they’ve spent time learning about the canyon’s natural environment, geology, history, and prehistory before joining us, we decided to give you a place to learn more before you get started.

Note: This section of our website is being actively updated. Check back periodically for more information.

Photo credit: R. Ben Lehman

Recommended Resources

We've pulled together a list of some Grand Canyon resources to get you started. Check out these books, websites, and other materials to start learning about the vast and compelling place you'll be spending your vacation.